Boat Sign Up

Sign In, Click on Edit this Page at the top, insert cursor where you need to add your reservation, click Save button. Finally, click on Sign Out at the top of this page.
You must reserve a boat no later than 8 PM the day before and no earlier than one week in advance.
Please follow this format: Time, Boat, Name
Important: Remove your reservation ASAP if you need to cancel. (frees up boats for others)

Reservations are for 1 hour. Please sign-up on the hour. If nobody is signed out after you, you may keep the boat out longer.
If you do not arrive within 10 minutes of your reservation, the boat becomes available to all.
Trainers: Little Croix and Sunrise
1x's: Sweet Afton and Rush must be checked out by commodore to row
2x's: Willow (midwt) and Trimbelle (ltwt) bow must be certified for a 2x to sign out
4x: Mallalieu (ltwt) and Kinnickinnic (midwt) bow must be certified for a 4x to sign out

All club-owned boats must not be on the water more than thirty minutes before sunrise or more than thirty
minutes after sunset. Sunset and sunrise times are posted in the boathouse.

Check Sunrise and Sunset times here: Wunderground - Hudson, WI

REMEMBER to check the water temperature before rowing:
Water Temperature
Alternate site: USGS water temps


Follow Format:
time, boat, rowers (b=bow certified*) must be bow certified to sign out 2x's or 4x's

Saturday 5-19-18
7:00 Mallileau - Denise, Karen EM, Sarah, Dana

Sunday, 5/ 20
6:30 a.m., Rush, Karen EM
6:30 - Trimbelle - karen hannah
6:30 am, Sweet Afton, Sheri Dahlke

Thursday, 5/24
7:00 Sunrise - Joan
7:00 Little Croix - Alice
7:00 Rush - Karen EM
645 Sweet Afton - Sheri
7:00 Willow or Rush - Dan & Ian

Sunday, 5/27
6:30 a.m., Rush, Karen EM
6:30 am Sweet Afton - Sheri
6:30 am Little Croix, Alice

Monday 5/28
6:30 am - Sweet Afton - Sheri
7:00 am - Little Croix -- John

Thursday 5/31
7:00 AM - Sweet Afton - Dan R.
7:00 AM - Rush - Ian R.

Friday 6/1
6:00 am - Sweet Afton - Sheri

7 AM - KINNI - shirley/jim/jess/denise
6:30 am - Sweet Afton - Sheri