Welcome to the "Commodore's Catches and Crabs" page. I plan to use this page to keep members updated on the latest happenings around the boathouse, as well as equipment status. Please check this page frequently for all the latest! If you have items that you think are appropriate for this page, please contact me: kul-cobra@sbcglobal.net, or leave a note at the boathouse taped either to the whiteboard or to my locker. Thanks! Kath

4-18-14 Welcome Kath- new commodore! Looking forward to a great season :) Kris

28June14: The St. Croix River is at record high levels and not easy to get boats out. We're rowing singles now and caution everyone to watch for submerged logs. On the plus side - once you are out there, the water is fantastic! The river is 'no wake' and it's like a bathtub, with lots of wide calm water for rowing. Be safe!